TimeToDo: Calendar and To-Do List with Reminder 1.17 Apk für Android

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Die Beschreibung von TimeToDo: Calendar and To-Do List with Reminder

🌟 TimeToDo🌟 is a simple and functional calendar and to-do list app.
A beautiful minimalist design helps you focus on getting things done. 

This app is not just a calendar app or planner, it is also a well designed app to help you always stay motivated by inspirational quotes and pictures. 💯

📅 Key Features
● Inspirational quotes and pictures.  😃
● Remindes with alarm and notifications for everyday use 🔔
● Smart suggestions while typing ⌨
 ● App Theming: 8 color themes for the app 🌈
● Four types of calendar marks fore easier organizing
● Recurring task (ie.: to repeat task every day, week, month, year)
● Notes and get track of your ideas
● User friendly task management
● Calendar & week mode
 ● Sharing your Notes and Tasks with your friends and others 
● Time Quick Selection - fast method to input time of task

You can:
- create lists and tags to separate your daily tasks
- add a task with time by only 2 taps
- plan different schedule tasks
- change the app color
- add tasks via voice
and more and much more! 🎯

So you can start getting things done and enjoy more peace-of-mind along the way. 
It really helps you to focus on what really matter is in your life.

Our planner is powerful in its simplicity and convenience of use.

If you have a problem e-mail to us, please!

Enjoy TimeToDo calendar and and follow your dreams! 🏖

Neue Funktionen

- Added Home Widget;

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