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Die Beschreibung von QR & Barcode Scanner - QR Code Reader

Our app Scan & Generate multiple types of qr just in a Sec using using your smartphone.

qr code reader is widely used to decode qr code types such as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others.
it can also be used as barcode scanner.
qr code reader app helps you to scan almost every kind of qr.

Simple user guide as following:

To scan the qr code, simply open the qr & barcode scanner, click on QR Code Scanner button and then align the camera to the qr code. qr code reader will automatically recognize any qr code. When scanning the qr code, if the code contains a URL/Sms/CALL/WIFI/Contacts/E-Mail/ISBN/Product/Maps. It will scan accordingly then you can open it save it as well.
○ Scan QR.
• Generate Barcode.
○ Scan Barcode.
• qr & barcode scanner
○ Generate QR.
• Type of qr scan support URL/Sms/CALL/WIFI/Contacts/E-Mail/ISBN/Product/Maps.
○ Types of qr generate support URL/Sms/CALL/WIFI/Contacts/E-Mail/ISBN/Product/Maps.
• qr & barcode scanner app also have Flashlight in it.
○ After Scan you can Share it to your Contacts.
• this app is qr code reader / qr code scanner / qr scanner free app.
○ this app is is barcode scanner / barcode reader free app.
• qr code reader with flashlight supported for low-light environments.

the app has two modes: qr code reader to scan qr code/barcode, qr code generator to generate qr code. with qr code generator.

Thanks for using our app qr code reader.
qr & barcode scan instantly every type of qr code.

Neue Funktionen

* Change Logo
* Minor Bug Fix
* Fix Camera Layout

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