Phone Mic – Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers 1.5 Apk für Android

Phone Mic Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers

Die Beschreibung von Phone Mic - Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers

Connect you phone to a loudspeaker via bluetooth or mobile jack. And your mobile would convert into a Mic/Microphone. There is equalizer support in the app to modify some frequency components of your speech. You can also choose from given presets like Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.

Features of this application :
- Turning smartphones into a microphone/mic
- Sing karaoke using smartphone as mic
- Record your speech on the fly to listen later
- All the audio/speech is recorded as mp3 and stored in "PhoneMic" folder in Internal Directory
- Amplifies sound
- Equalizer adjustment
- Options to use presets like - Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock and more if your mobile supports them.

This app can be used in giving presentations, announcement in Railways, Airports, School, Colleges and any place where you have to use Mic/Microphone to speak to a large audience via loudspeaker.
After you have this App, you would not require an actual mic for any purpose. This app is essentially a wireless/portable mic/microphone.

Neue Funktionen

- Disabled Mic using In-built speakers as it only causes in Echo and feedback
- Improved UI

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