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PDF Tools 3.2 Apk für Android

PDF Tools

Die Beschreibung von PDF Tools

A premium suite of 16 tools and utilities to perform several operations on PDF files.

• SPLIT - Split a PDF file into multiple documents by specifying page points, number of output files or number of pages per file.
• MERGE - Merge many PDFs into a single document.
• DELETE PAGES - Delete specific pages from a PDF file.
• EXTRACT PAGES - Extract specific pages from a PDF file.
• LOCK - Add password to a PDF file.
• UNLOCK - Remove password from a PDF file.
• ROTATE PAGES - Rotate pages from portrait to landscape or vice-versa (90°, 180°, 270° clockwise)
• COMPRESS SIZE - Compress and reduce size of PDF documents.
• EXTRACT TEXT - Extract text from all or specific pages of the PDF into a text file.
• EXTRACT IMAGES - Extract images from all or specific pages of the PDF.
• IMAGES TO PDF - Create PDFs from images or screenshots.
• TEXT TO PDF - Create PDFs from text or html files.
• CROP PAGES - Remove irrelevant margins from top, bottom, left or right edge of the page.
• REORDER PAGES - Change order of pages in the PDF file.
• IMAGE WATERMARK - Add image watermarks. Scale image to different sizes and alter transparency.
• TEXT WATERMARK - Add text watermarks, headers, footers and even page numbers. Change font type and transparency too.

- Perform operations on password protected (encrypted) files.
- Change output folder for generated files.
- Open or Share the output files straightaway.

NOTE: PDF compression highly depends on content inside the PDF. It may not work for all PDFs.

Please try the free (lite) version before you buy the PRO version.

Neue Funktionen

Access to sdcard now standardized and works across all devices.
External sdcard support removed.
Updated storage permissions for Android 6.0
Watermark related bugs and crashes fixed.
Other minor bug fixes.

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