FilestoSD – Easy Transfer Files to SD Card 1.0 Apk für Android

FilestoSD Easy Transfer Files to SD Card

Die Beschreibung von FilestoSD - Easy Transfer Files to SD Card

Easily you can move all your internal memory files to SD card easy and fast. You can move your documents, video, photo and other type of files without any kind limit.

You can also transfer and copy multiple files & folders that you wish to transfer data to new phone or your apps data move to memory card.

App is especially useful for devices with a small/low internal memory capacity that does not allow the phone storage to store the captured content directly on an SD card or for users who want to quickly and easily backup files to an SD card.

App features :
- Move/Transfer your documents, photos, videos, music, zip files and all other downloads from your phone memory to SD card.
- Choose "COPY TO" or "MOVE TO" Files & Folders from hierarchy
- Easy to search Files & folders
- Instant Move from Local Phone Storage to SD Card (External Card)
- Easy to Tap "COPY TO" or "MOVE TO" button
- Transfer files & Folders to SD card
- Transfer files to SD Card is fast solution to move your files from internal memory to SD card with one click.
- Copy to SD Card - Files to SD Card - Data transfer allows you to move music to SD card in a matter of seconds

App useful Terms : Files to sd card, Transfer Files To SD Card, Files & folders to Sd Card, Move file to Sd Storage and Move Media Files to SD Card.

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