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Drowser 1.0.1 Apk für Android

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Die Beschreibung von Drowser


Avoid rogue apps from running in the background with Drowser.

Drowser is a simple app that kills the selected apps when the screen turns off.

It requires root and uses it to kill the apps with an 'am force-stop app-id'. This is a very impolite way of stopping apps. These might (and probably will) misbehave. You might also lose data because of this. Beware!

Neue Funktionen

New in 1.0.1

★ Fix bug in new delay drowsing of apps option.
★ Remember uninstalled apps (only if they were drowse candidates) so that they can appear in the list again if the app is reinstalled.
★ Upgrade some dependencies.

New in 1.0

★ Dare to call it 1.0 🙂
★ Add 'Show disabled apps' option (defaults to false).
★ Add option to delay drowsing of apps.

New in 0.15.3

★ Fix list of apps incomplete in Android 11.

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