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Brightest Flashlight – Torch 2.0 Apk für Android

Brightest Flashlight Torch Cover

Die Beschreibung von Brightest Flashlight - Torch

Smart Flashlight is a Purely a simple and useful tool for life mostly in night. No unnecessary permissions, no data collections.
Only Camera permission to access the flash light and just it.
With simplicity comes smaller App size and faster load time, Its performance is too good.

1. Torchlight in Dark
2. Customize Screen Colors Light
3. Accurate Compass & Map
4. Light Timer

Usage of this app :
* Find Your things in the Dark
* Read a Real Book at Night
* Illuminate the roads when Outdoor traveling
* in Load Shedding of Electricity, Light Your room
* Check on the Little Ones
* Amazing blinking options

Neue Funktionen

- Android 9 and 10 Supported
- Add support of lot of new devices and OS
- Code Converted to Kotlin

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