BitLife – Life Simulator 2.2 Apk für Android + Mod

BitLife Life Simulator

Die Beschreibung von BitLife - Life Simulator

Ein super lustiger Lebenssimulator, bei dem DU kontrollierst, was mit deinen Entscheidungen passiert!

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Bitizenship and God Mode open

Neue Funktionen

Thank you, Bitizens, for your incredible reaction to this week's "Code Merge". In addition to all of the incredible Royal Update content, we love hearing about all of the features and details that you are now able to enjoy like gender identification, neopronouns, switching to your kids' lives before you die, half year age ups, the new font, custom cities, sharing finances with your spouses, and much more.

This update adds back in Challenges and fixes a ton of issues that you've reported!

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